Madrid, September 18, 2019

Lallemand Bio SL successfully launches PANATURA sourdough in Iberia.

On September 17 and 18, 2019 the Lallemand Bio team consisting of Maria do Carmo Amaral, Henk Adriaansen and master baker Eduardo Ubeda invited their main distributors. During the two days in Madrid and Malaga app. 35-40 people from 25 major distributors attended the event.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of breads made with PANATURA FORTE PLUS. PANATURA® FORTE  PLUS is a type of mother dough or masa madre in dough-like consistency. It was specially developed for Mediterranean style baked goods with accelerated dough development, short fermentation times and aromatic, mildly acidic profile. Moreover, no more bread improvers or dough conditioners are needed to get an optimum baking result in less than 2 hours. Besides PANATURA FORTE PLUS Lallemand also launched an all-round sourdough PANATURA FORTE and the organic version PANATURA BIO.

Master Baker Eduardo Ubeda presented a whole range of bakery products made with PANATURA FORTE PLUS. He showed a variety of typical Spanish products like pan barra, pan candela, pan de alta hidratacion and baguettes. The participants were highly impressed by the results considering a total production time of less than 2 h. 

The typical Spanish bread made with the new PANATURA® FORTE PLUS was a strong crowd-puller

Eduardo Ubeda was able to convince the audience about the strengths of PANATURA FORTE PLUS for the Spanish market.  Also in Spain bakers are looking for natural sourdoughs or masa madre, which allow them to produce high quality bakery products with a lot of flavour in a short time without the use of bread improvers.

The multiple live shows by Eduardo Ubeda showed the visitors the application and the results with PANATURA right up close.

Eduardo Ubeda demonstrates the versatile applications of PANATURA FORTE PLUS

“PANATURA FORTE PLUS perfectly fit today’s needs of the Spanish bakery market with short fermentation times and no improvers. Already during the prelaunch phase in August sales volumes were above expectations” said Maria do Carmo, Commercial Manager Iberia of Lallemand.

“We are delighted by the extremely positive response of our distributors after the event. PANATURA® is now available nationwide in Spain and soon in Portugal” said Henk Adriaansen, Global Sales Director of Lallemand.

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