U.S. healthy food specialist Nadja Foods will co-develop the lowest-GI clean-label muffin using the all-natural PANATURA GI Lite formula

Nadja Piatka to develop and market healthy low-GI muffins for U.S. and Canadian markets

Nadja Foods President and CEO Nadja Piatka, author of two bestselling cookbooks and a previous guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, will use Holista’s breakthrough all-natural formula for a new line of clean-label muffins. The mix can be added to white flour to dramatically reduce blood sugar levels without changing the taste or texture of the final baked product.

Australia Securities Exchange-listed Holista said that its proprietary mixture – comprising extracts of okra (ladies’ fingers), dhal (lentils), barley and fenugreek – achieved a Glycemic Index (GI) reading of 48, the lowest level achieved across all muffins tested at GI Labs, a nutrition research organisation in Toronto, Canada.

Muffins made with PANATURA GI Lite can significantly reduce the high blood sugar levels caused by consuming white flour-based products.

GI values indicate the rate and level by which different carbohydrate-based foods increase blood glucose and insulin. These values are measured using verified scientific methods and cannot be guessed by examining nutritional labels.

Under the new company Holister Foods a range of low-GI muffins will be developed for distribution to fast food companies, retailers, schools and hospitals on an exclusive basis in North America. Muffins alone (frozen and baked) accounted for over US$1.0 billion in retail sales in the U.S. (all outlets combined including convenience stores) in 2014, according to research firm Nielsen. It has been growing by 4% according to the same study, despite an economic slowdown and rising anti-carbohydrates sentiment.

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