Nicolai Jensen and Henk Adriaansen from Lallemand

Matzingen. 27.7.2020

In July we jointly run a highly successful PANATURA® Training Course – VERIPAN, Lallemand/DHW and HefeSchweiz.

The main findings were that PANATURA®

  • is unique and cannot be directly compared with other products
  • the direct application of PANATURA® by makes the manufacturing process very easy
  • PANATURA® is a concept with many products and meets various requirements of different craft and industrial customers

We discussed the appropriate naming of the latest new development. The new product will be rolled out in 5 European countries by Henk Adriaansen and Nicolai Jensen from Lallemand from the beginning of September. More on this will follow shortly.

Baking attempts have convinced all participants of the PANATURA® Taste & Flavor qualities.

We enjoyed an open dialogue, learned from each other, and laughed a lot!


Many thanks to all participants and especially to Thomas Gamper and Marcel Ammon for the provided premises and the professional technical inputs!