Hier sieht man Brot
The greatest invention
since yeast. Download PANATURA broschures

The idea

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Our single most important goal is to make great bread with only natural ingredients.

Until now, making bread quickly meant accepting a lower quality in regard to taste, crust and crumb structure.  To overcome these problems, we have developed PANATURA®, a unique concentrated sourdough concept suitable for all common hand-finished and industrial dough and bakery systems.

PANATURA® allows bakers to produce highest-quality breads with considerable economic savings and increased throughput in a clean and clear label manner.

PANATURA® is a patented sourdough in dough-like or granulated form, which revives an almost forgotten technique from the art of bakery with the possibilities and knowledge provided by modern technology.

PANATURA® is based on a proprietary fermentation process using special types of baker’s yeast in a symbiotic combination with naturally occurring lactobacilli.

These micro-organisms within PANATURA® use the starch and minerals found in the flour to ferment and increase the volume of the bread. Besides that, they also produce mild acids, while certain organic molecules create bold flavours.

All baked goods made with PANATURA® have richer flavour, better crispness, softer crumb, and increased shelf life, while using only natural ingredients, no chemicals and maintaining shorter proofing times.

PANATURA® is a registered trademark, and both the recipe and the fermentation process are patented worldwide.



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PANATURA® has the following advantages for bakers:

  • Suitable for all common hand-finished and industrial dough and bakery Systems
  • Extremely economical due to higher amount of water addition (up to 80%)
  • Very short fermentation times (1 to 4 hours), still ensuring full Performance
  • Low dosage level (1-3% of the amount of flour)
  • Single working or straight dough process
  • Silky, dry dough
  • Greater fermentation and baking tolerance
  • Consistent, uniform Performance


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Consumers Benefit is the highest Quality Standard of PANATURA®

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Better crumb strength and slicing properties
  • Stays fresh longer because of its higher moisture Content
  • Typical bread aroma of long fermentation processes (24-48 hours)
  • Improved water control in frozen products
  • Simply tastes good!