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By using PANATURA®, we aim to simplify the baker´s work while ensuring that all production processes are reliable and consistent.

PANATURA® can be added directly to the other ingredients during main dough production. It still enables a better result than the traditional time-consuming two-step process.

The PANATURA® process takes the shortcut through the dough’s natural fermentation and “ripening” time, slashing it from hours or even days to minutes.

Get the best result in less than 4 hours without using sponge-dough, extra-long fermentation or dough conditioners and bread improvers.

PANATURA® is suitable for all well-known dough and bakery systems including:

  • Delayed and interrupted fermentation
  • Par-baking
  • Refrigeration
  • Deep-freezing

PANATURA® gives bakers the opportunity of a vast range of premium artisan-style bakery products hand-finished or industrially made, such as ciabatta, white sandwich bread, baguette or brioche, to name just a few.

In the following video we will give you some useful information for the application of PANATURA STARK in various types of bread

The PANATURA® process is a significant improvement over all existing bakery pre-fermentation systems such as sponge and dough, water brew and flour brew. Our all natural starter dough’s superiority comes from reviving ancient bread making techniques and optimizing them for industrial use.

PANATURA® is a long fermented wheat starter dough suitable for the production of all yeast-raised bakery goods such as baguettes, specialty breads, croissants and rolls, whether produced by automatic machinery or traditional craft. The results are breads and bakery products that will leave you in awe and are of the highest possible quality, produced efficiently and without the use of any chemical bread improvers.

PANATURA® is suitable for all well-known dough and bakery systems including delayed and interrupted fermentation methods, par baking, refrigeration, and deep-freezing systems. PANATURA® starter dough can be added directly to the other raw materials during the production of the main dough.

Wow, What a Dough!

From the Baker’s point of view, PANATURA® has the following advantages

  • Suitable for all common hand-finished and industrial dough and bakery Systems
  • Extremely economical due to higher amount of water addition (up to 80%)
  • Very short fermentation times (1 to 4 hours), still ensuring full performance
  • Low dosage level (1-3% of the amount of flour)
  • Single working or straight dough process
  • Silky, dry dough
  • Greater fermentation and baking tolerance
  • Consistent, uniform performance
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