Ok, accepted: Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives.

With our attitude of being innovative and experimental we also try new ways in training for international roll-outs.

Hybrid, bilingual PANATURA® training course in Poland

Together with Mariusz Cybulski, sales director of Lallemand Poland, we decided to go ahead with the market launch of PANATURA® in Poland and run a hybrid, bilingual PANATURA® Training Course.

To start we sent PANATURA® samples to the Polish team. Three of them, Mariusz, Marek and Marek, spend the training days in their test bakery. The other participants of the Polish Lallemand team joined the PANATURA Training Course via video-conferencing from their home office. And from Lallemand corporate side Henk Adriaansen and Nicolai Jensen also participated from their respective home offices.

The hybrid PANATURA® Training Course consisted of 3 different blocks, where we

  • Shared the PANATURA® vision, concept and assortment in the context of the
    Lallemand Vision and Global Food Trends
  • The Polish team performed trials with PANATURA® FORTE and PANATURA® FORTE PLUS.
  • We experienced direct and indirect dough production with local wheat in many different bakery goods. Furthermore, we discussed different terms related to leavens and the specific market needs.

Thank you very much Marek. You have run the bakery trials, the product evaluation and the live feedback very professional. Another big thank you goes to Mariusz for the perfect organization. You have a very professional and sympathetic team.

Also, the “virtual participants” gave a very happy and good feedback to this bilingual, hybrid PANATURA® training course. They highly appreciated the professional exchange of information among each other and across borders.  And that it was great for them too, especially in times of Covid-19 quarantine restrictions, to experience a fantastic team spirit and that such an innovative concept like PANATURA® strengthens their confidence for the future.

We all look forward to training block 4 in January 2021.


in the testing bakeryParticipants of PTC via TEAMS