Dr. Rajen. Marnicka, Chairman of Holista and Mr. Meiert J. Grootes, Chairman of Veripan had an exclusive interview with Andy Mukherjee of Bloomberg Gadfly in Singapore on January 11, 2016. The reason for this exclusive interview was to discuss about obesity, the biggest threat for global health systems and the shift in Asian households from traditional rice-eating towards wheat-eating. They spoke with Andy Mukherjee prior to their press conference about their ground-braking ingredient PANATURA® GI for the production of low glycemic (GI) or “diabetic” bread. PANATURA® GI is a specially developed sourdough, which consist of extracts of okra, dhal, barley and fenugreek. White bread made with this formula can reduce blood sugar levels caused by consuming bread significantly. The GI reading of this white bread can achieve 53, the lowest reading ever achieved for a clean-label white bread.

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