The successful development of diabetes bread



拉真指出,上述提取物混合天然Panatura酵母的GL Lite配方(粉狀物),再加入麵包或烘焙的原料中,就能有效降低血糖指數,製成的白麵包血糖指數可達到53。






The successful development of diabetes bread

Malaysia-based Holista CollTech Limited and Swiss bakery ingredients company Veripan successfully launched world’s first bread formulae, which can reduce Glycemic Index (GI). This bread can be regarded as “diabetes bread”.

Dato’ Dr. Rajen. Marnicka, Chairman of Holista and Mr. Meiert J. Grootes, Chairman of Veripan held a press conference yesterday, they said that the ingredients of this “diabetes bread” are extracts of okra, dhal, barley and fenugreek. Bread with this formulae can reduce blood sugar levels caused by consuming bread.

Dato’ Dr. Rajen. Marnicka pointed out that the GL Lite formulae contains above natural ingredient extracts and natural sourdough PANATURA®, once added to bread of bakery ingredients, it can effectively reduce the GI. The GI reading of white bread made with their ingredient PANATURA® GI can achieve 53.

Okra, lentils, barley and fenugreek are all common ingredients, which will not dramatically increase the cost. PANATURA® GI only takes 5 – 7% of the white bread recipe, which will only slightly increase the production costs.

They said that Australia is the company’s first target market. This is because Australia is the country with the highest acceptance of low GI food, followed by Europe, North America, China, India and other Asian countries.

The two companies’ goal is to make mass production of this log GI bread. The global white bread market is worth USD170 billion, and they hope this bread can take up at least 1% of the market share.

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