Screenshot: Prof. Jenny Miller from University of Sydney in Channel 7

Low GI White Bread – “The Holy Grail”

Screenshot: Prof. Jenny Miller from University of Sydney in Channel 7

After the announcement of Holista and Veripan on January 12, 2106 about their breakthrough innovation PANATURA GI, world’s first clean-label low GI white bread both Holista and Veripan become global attention with their invention.

Perth-based Holista Biotech decided to give Channel 7 the opportunity for an exclusive interview about the global obesity and Diabetes 2 epidemic and the importance of low GI diets in the future. Especially since this epidemic is not limited to advanced countries. From the moment emerging economies like China and India climb out of poverty, their citizens are becoming fatter in just one generation! Already today more than 60% of the world’s obese people live in developing countries, where rapid industrialization, urbanization and Westernization of the diet are boosting incomes and therefore calorie intake.

Jennie Brand Miller said “Your blood sugar is on an all day long roller coaster ride” and “people that follow a low GI diet over a long term are less likely to develop diabetes”. Our supermarket shelves are packed with low GI products but when it comes to bread, we are usually limited to wholegrain. Meiert said “Bread is always used a base, you add Nutella, you add cheese or your add ham” and “People always like white bread because it has a specific neutral taste” And now PANATURA GI with a breakthrough formula that can lower the GI levels in white bread significantly. According to Rajen “It tastes and looks like white bread, but behaves in your body like whole meal bread” and “It slows down the absorption of starch and therefore it also slows down the rise of blood sugar”.

Meiert “The biggest challenge was taste and volume. In the beginning low GI products really tasted awful, it does not help you that a product is healthy but does not taste well” Nobody will eat those products. Jennie Brand Miller “A white bread with a low GI to me, is the holy grail actually because it can make such a big influence as the staple product for most people’s diets”

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